Day 3: History Made In Belfast

We all know the tragic story of the beautiful sunken ship “The Titanic”. Her beautiful beginning was sadly her devastating ending. But do you know the story of where she was made before she even set sail into those icy waters??

I had the privilege of attending the Titanic Museum, one of Belfast’s proud and newer attractions bringing tourists from all over. The experience was incredible. I learned so much history within one morning and early afternoon…the building is shaped like the Titanic and is sitting right beside the original gantries that built the Titanic ship itself. Also, right outside the building is the original ship named “The Nomadic” which was the ship that carried the passengers to the Titanic. Getting to step foot on it and walk around inside was breath-taking. Toward the end of the tour, the museum has voices playing of actual survivors telling their story. I couldn’t believe the horrific stories that were told. It was a sad event that occurred, but many lessons were learned because of it. This is definitely a museum that is worth traveling to visit.

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Later that afternoon, my dance team got together and we held a really fun photo shoot. It was incredibly cold that day though and in order to conduct the shoot, we all took our multiple layers off and were left in our warm ups only. Of course, I wasn’t even wearing the correct pants which made for a great laugh once we saw the end results of our shoot. We all felt frozen by the end, from the tips of our toes all the way to our noses! Haha It was such a fun and exciting time together as a team though. It truly was a team bonding moment. We practiced our jumps and tried different poses. We even tried to take pictures with a Polaroid camera, which didn’t turn out so well since we kept laughing every time! We definitely made an impression out by that bay though! I think all of Belfast knew who we were by the time we were done!

Day 3 was a day that I not only discovered history, but made history with my team. I learned how we are a team that doesn’t want to sink like the Titanic did that evening, and in order for that to happen, we need to listen to each other, understand each others feelings, and be there for each other every chance we can. Day 3 definitely showed me that “1 of those days” that can seem great, can turn horrific very quickly, but it can all be avoided if you learn to listen to those around you and enjoy the time you have with them.



4 thoughts on “Day 3: History Made In Belfast

    • V says:

      Wow…thank you very much! What a compliment. I appreciate it immensely. I will continue to post and hopefully one day possibly will become an author. I would love to be one! I don’t know who you are but appreciate your words of wisdom and kindness very much. I hope you have a wonderful day as well and hope that you are able to keep up with my posts. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • V says:

      It was such a memorable time and I really did learn something new. Putting it all together and coming to that realization was an important part of my trip. And thank you!!! =)


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