Day 2: The Arrival

Having a long 9 hour flight to London, then an hour and half to Ireland was EXHAUSTING! The flight to Ireland was unbearable for me as my sickness was not cooperating with my ears and nose. I felt like they were going to explode! Luckily thoIMG_20170425_094123ugh, my friends and family were there to take care of me and make me feel better once we landed. Three of us who would be competing that week, plus our dance teachers were on that same flight, so we decided to have a photo shoot in the airport once we landed and got our luggage. It was so funny because everyone else in the airport was staring at us, but they all knew what we were there for; Irish dancing is a very popular sport in Ireland. =)

Once we left the airport, we all parted our separate ways and went to our homes for the next week. My family decided to stay at this cozy little bed and breakfast that was not too far from the competition venue. We introduced ourselves to the manager, changed, got ourselves settled in, and made our way to walk the town.

It’s a cute little town. Some parts are prettier than others, as with any place you go, but overall it was very pretty. We walked the streets to just investigate where we would be living for the next week. We also made our way to this beautiful church and stayed for mass as it was Palm Sunday.

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When mass was finished, my parents and I agreed that it was definitely time to find something to eat! We had basically been awake almost 24 hours and really hadn’t eaten much besides little snacks and one meal on the plane. So this was the next investigation that took place! One of the hardest characteristics about Belfast that we discovered, which was most difficult for all of us to get use to while we were there, was that everything closes either at 5pm or 6pm! Pubs are the only locations left open and most of those even close by 11pm! Trying to find dinner was a little bit of a mission because of IMG_20170425_094300this. We walked for what felt like FOREVER looking for a restaurant.

Finally, we walked down this alley that had a little cozy place called “Made In Belfast”. We walked inside and didn’t see anything we liked on the menu, but decided to give it a try as it was late and we were very tired and very hungry! We each ordered a meal that we thought we might enjoy, and come to our surprise, we did! It was freshly cooked and had such flavor to it, it was incredible! The wait was definitely worth it.

After finishing our well deserved and delicious meal, as well as our first long and exhausting day, we headed back to our B&B. As I crawled into bed I realized that the adventures of the week had only just begun and that this was just “1 of those days” that would be a part of a much larger picture…



6 thoughts on “Day 2: The Arrival

    • V says:

      I had this different type of chicken that I had never tried before. It was grilled with a strange but very yummy seasoning on it! It also came with a lot of different vegetables I had never tried. I don’t even remember the names of most of them as I couldn’t really pronounce them! Haha It was also very difficult to understand their accent as it is very strong in Belfast, so maybe this was part of the reason of why I don’t know what they were called, but it didn’t matter to me. The chicken and veggies were yummy and that’s all I cared about! =)


  1. alycatcos says:

    Super cool! I can only imagine how tired you must’ve been, and you were sick, such jet lag!! But hopefully you bounced back for the competition. I’ve never been to bed and breakfast place and I feel like it would be super cute, and I bet the people over there are much nicer than here haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Abby Christy says:

    I think what your doing is amazing!!! The trip looked awesome, except the part about flying with a head cold, that happened to me once, and I wanted to jump out the plane lol. Im glad you felt better and got to experience Ireland! I am part Irish and would love to go one day. Keep it up girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nely Pinado says:

    Yay! More pictures! Seems like you had an amazing experience up in Ireland, and doing some so folkloric and that you love such as Irish dancing. I hope you get many more experiences like this one! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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