Day 1: Takeoff

Saturday, April 8, 2017, is “1 of those days” that I will never forget. This is the day that I had been waiting for, for what seems like eternity; the day I left for Ireland.

IMG_20170418_205303Our flight wasn’t until the evening, so the morning hours were spent taking care of last-minute tasks and saying goodbye to my grandma. Packing for this trip was a struggle for me personally. BelIMG_20170418_205344fast, Ireland, is very cold still at this time of year. At night it would go into the 30’s! Well, I am a Floridian girl, born and raised, so I don’t own many clothes that require a thick material. I managed to find pieces of clothing though from past trips I have taken in cold weather and made sure to bring enough of them to layer up when we got there.

As the hours went by, so did the anticipation. Remember, I had never been out of the country before this trip, so this was all very exciting and new to me! My parents and I finally loaded up into an Uber and were on our way! Miami International Airport was PACKED, just as it always is. Trying to check our luggage was an interesting task as the line was very long. Luckily, my dad came prepared and was dressed in his pilots uniform, so this gave us a few perks alone our long journey.


We found our way through TSA and customs and finally got to our gate. I couldn’t believe this was actually about to happen! My first time on a long flight to a whole other continent! It was like a dream. My mom of course wanted to be my paparazzi so we decided to take a lot of pictures while we waited to board the airplane. My teachers from my Irish Dance school were also on my flight, so once the pictures were done being taken, we spoke with them and their daughter about how excited we all were about the next nine-hour flight! (A little sarcasm is in that last sentence but I think you get what I am trying to express haha)

At last, the desk attendant came over the loud-speaker and stated that they were going to begin boarding! My parents and I hurried to the front of the line (privileges of having a pilot with you) to make our way onto the plane. It was finally official. We were on our way to Belfast, Ireland, for the 2017 An Comhdhail Irish Dance World Championships!


10 thoughts on “Day 1: Takeoff

  1. Zelda Jägryd says:

    Wow! That is so cool that it was the first time leaving the United States! I am so glad for you! I hope everything went well and that you and your parents had a great time together. And btw, great travelling-outfit! 😉

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    • V says:

      Yes! The flight was long, something I was not used to lol But overall I didn’t think it was too bad. I watched a lot of movies and tried to sleep. It was very nice that my parents got to join me as well because it ended up like a mini little vacation for all of us! =) And thanks girl! Gotta travel in style! lol


    • V says:

      It was a big adventure, but one that I wouldn’t have wanted to go any other way! It was extraordinary and I enjoyed myself and immersed myself in the adventure.


    • V says:

      Yes! It’s pretty cool. I’ve only gotten to do taxi’s with my dad as he is a charter pilot but t still is great for when we travel. And I as well tried to sleep and watch movies the whole trip. The flight itself I didn’t think was too bad, but as you said, I think my excitement and anticipation had a lot to do with that. It was truly a great experience though! =)


    • V says:

      Haha this is correct. First time ever out of the country. I’ve flown plenty of times domestically, but this was a first for my international flight. My dad is a charter pilot so I’ve never actually gone on a flight with him, only taxi’s when I was very young.


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