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For those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis, you know that I am a big and very passionate believer in following your dreams and never giving up. Well, I believe the same goes for a person’s academic goals and achievements as well. Academics are just as important in this world, if not even more important, than a sport or weight goal that you might set for yourself. Academics are what will help get you to the next level in life; they will help you to determine what it is you want to be or do for the remainder of your life.

Today, St. Thomas University acknowledged this fact and celebrated the amazing achievements of so many bright students that our campus holds. The Scholastic Achievement Reception is a little luncheon held for those students’ who have achieved academic excellence receiving either a 3.5 GPA or higher. The order goes as follows based upon what your GPA is: Dean’s List- 3.5-3.7, Provost’s Honor Roll- 3.79-3.9, and President’s Honor Roll- 4.0.

I think it is wonderful that my school honors and acknowledges those students who have worked so hard to achieve this difficult task. College is no easy milestone, but it’s a milestone that when we make even just a little bit of progress, it’s nice for other’s to see that we are working past the milestone and onto something greater. We all yearn for that feeling of appreciation and hope that people DO see just how far we all have come.

Personally, today was a huge step in the right direction for me. Being my senior year and graduating in one month, my mom FINALLY got to attend this beautiful reception to see me get my awards. After long nights, extra coffee, tears, extra food, much procrastination, and most of all tons of hard work and effort, I am proud to say that I received the certificates and achievements of being on the Provost’s Honor Roll for the Fall of 2016 semester and the President’s Honor Roll for the Spring of 2016 semester. I couldn’t be happier as this is a great triumph for me. President’s Honor Roll is something I have been working to accomplish for a while now, and I finally did it!

I have to thank those who helped get me this far in my academic life. My professors’ have all pushed me to be a better student. Whether it was with my writing skills, speaking skills, redoing an assignment multiple times, or helping me to just see that I am capable of doing the work, they all have helped me to become not only a better student, but a better person for whatever career I choose to accept in my future. My parents have been there since day one. Whenever I’m feeling down or like I can’t do it, they cut right in and try to see if there is anything they can do. Even just their hugs sometimes or words of encouragement keeps me going. Lastly, my best friends and boyfriend. Learning with your best friends by your side just makes it all even more worth while because you know that they are going through the same scenarios and stress that you are going through. If it weren’t for our awesome lunch dates, talks on the phone, venting sessions, and just times to ourselves, these achievements I accomplished would’ve been a lot harder to come by.

To add from my last post, these are some of those little things in life that I am personally blessed with and grateful for. Today was #1OfThoseDays that I will always remember. It was something that I can’t explain but just makes me smile because I know that I did it. I congratulate all of my fellow peers who received any three of the amazing honors today and I want you to remember that feeling of walking up on that stage today; how it felt to receive that award and know that you are capable of so much more than you know. Don’t give up now, keep going strong all throughout life. I’m proud and happy for all of us and know that we have a lot to offer this world and make everyday #1OfThoseDays that we come out strong and proud.


14 thoughts on “Achievements

  1. Dane Stone says:

    Man I made the presidents honer roll as well, couldn’t make the ceremony though, had a test, and well, lol tests are more important. Glad you were able to attend though! Kind of bummed I missed out! Glad your mom finally got to see your accomplishments, and school is almost over for both of us!

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    • V says:

      I wish you could’ve attended as it is such a nice honor to be recognized, but more importantly, you know that you achieved President’s Honor Roll and that is what counts. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for your kind words. My mom really enjoyed it especially since she was a student here at St. Thomas when it was still called Biscayne College, so it was nice for her to be back. The countdown is on for us! I wish you luck on the last few weeks of your final classes. Almost done is right! haha


  2. raemillion says:

    Hard works pays off at the end and it leads to having more accomplishments towards in our future. Once again congrats, sadly missed the ceremony due to work but I know I’m proud of myself of what I’ve been doing for past 3 years till now. Now it’s Graduation time 😎😎🤓

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    • V says:

      Wish you could’ve gone as well. As I told Dane, it’s nice to be recognized sometimes for our accomplishments, but what is important is that you know what you have achieved and that we stay humble. Congratulations on your great achievements as well and the countdown to graduation is on! =)


    • V says:

      Thank you Dr. Campbell. Truly appreciate it and all the hard work that you have done throughout my years here at STU to help get me to this point.


    • V says:

      Aww, thank you Sharon! I have worked very hard and even though at times I can be very lazy, I still try my best at everything I do. Thank you for the compliment. You are very smart as well and I know you are going to do great in the rest of your college career here at STU.


  3. Zelda Jaegryd says:

    Dear Victoria,

    First of all, congratulations on your amazing awards!! You rock!!
    Also, it made me so happy to read that your mom was able to attend and watch you receive your awards. That must have been an unforgettable moment.

    Great post! 🙂


    • V says:

      Thank you Zelda! Yes, my mom was so happy she could finally attend! It was a moment I will never forget as she hasn’t been able to come watch me since my senior year in high school, so this was a great day for both of us. Thank you!


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