Take A Chance

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      Contests are found everywhere we go. At school, work, the sports we play, on the radio; they follow us throughout our daily lives. I would never have imagined though that I would get so lucky at winning contests on the radio! It actually is one of my favorite things to try and accomplish now. I wish I could try and succeed more often, but I think I have gotten pretty lucky this past year. IMG_20170309_104707

This past week, out of pure coincidence, I was calling the DJ Laz morning show on my way to work to comment about something they were speaking about. All of a sudden he said “Caller number 9 right now will win 2 tickets to an advanced screening of Beauty and the Beast next Tuesday!” I figured, I might as well stay on the line and still share what I was going to tell them anyway. I didn’t think there was any possible way I could win as the phone had already been dialing. To my surprise, DJ Laz answered the phone and I screamed so loud because I couldn’t believe it! He said I was Caller number 9 had was going to see the new movie before it even hit theaters! I had actually won pre screening tickets to my favorite movie!IMG_20170309_104626

Now most of you would think this is not that big of a deal and I could just go see the movie anytime. For those of you who know me though, you know that I really truly am obsessed and LOVE Beauty and the Beast. I swear that I am Belle and my boyfriend is Beast. Belle has been my favorite princess since I was a little girl. I have always loved her strength, her yearn for adventure, and her love of books. Belle is my absolute favorite princess of all time and the movie to me is a classic. It shows a woman’s true strength and independence while also showing the love of a true relationship, friendship, and how inner beauty lies within. I could go on and on and tell you so much more, but that could take forever. Lol

The reason I decided to share this news with you is because I want you all to never give up. A contest is a test of belief and faith in my book. If you truly want something, you will always find a way to get it. Within the past 8 months I have won Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas concert IMG_20170309_104812tickets, Pitbull concert tickets, and now these Beauty and the Beast prescreening movie tickets. I feel so lucky and blessed. Sometimes, things are just meant to be! Never give up trying no matter what it may be, because the day you do give up, is the day you could have won. Now if only I could win the lottery on “one of those lucky days” that I have! Haha =)



7 thoughts on “Take A Chance

  1. flygonian says:

    I empathize with how much that pre-screening means to you.
    Part of being a fan of something for a lot of people means showing the utmost passion for that which made you happy and added to your life.
    Plus, all of those exclusive photos make for awesome social media posts 😀
    Come to think of it, i am currently chomping at the bit for the new Beauty and the Beast.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marine Uyttenhove says:

    I want so much to see the Beauty and the Beast. I totally approve you enjoyment about all of this!! I always wanted to go to walt disney, I actually went to universal studio last year and I don’t want to sound childish but it was far a way one of the best day of my live!! We never really grow up. It does”t have any age for this things. I think that all adults are little kids in them mind.

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  3. Yuqing Shen says:

    Wow that is awesome! Beauty and Beast is my favorite too. I understand how excited you were. Hope one day I can win a lottery like you to see my favorite singer’s concert, if not, I will still buy tickets to the concert because that is my favorite. Just like you said you never know what happens if you do not try.


  4. My Stephanie Sandkvist says:

    I absolutely love the fact that you go for what you want! I mean everyone in class know you love Disney and dancing, but you are so great at really go after what you want and constantly finding solutions or ways of you to be able to do what you love. I admire you passion and hard work. You deserve it!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yasshin Lozano says:

    Congratulations on winning the tickets. Enjoy the movie. The only thing I have every won was one scratch off card in the last year. Maybe I can win a give away soon if I keep trying.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nely Pinado says:

    Wow! That’s awesome! I personally am a hard believer in the sense that I’ve never tried calling, or even lottery tickets. But after hearing your luck, I might give it a chance, maybe. It’s amazing that you got the pre screening tickets to go see Beauty and the Beast. I loved that movie! It was amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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