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    4e6fee8756f3f3369e1d8f3b6ed3e3f0      Sadly, sometimes our bodies take on too much stress, drama, and exertion, but doesn’t get enough rest to keep up with it all. We all have had those days were we just don’t feel our best; where we feel weak, down, lousy, or just sick. It’s not a fun feeling to have. Sometimes it’s a migraine, others a backache, or sometimes just a plan old cold. Whatever the case may be, these ailments are all ways our body tells us that something is just not quite right.

      That’s how I have felt all week long. I’ve had a very bad cold and have not been myself all week. Coughing, sore throat, sneezing up a storm with a stuffy nose and fever have been apart of my whole week. Having to still go to work, school and dance feeling like that does not help either. Luckily though, for the past two days, I have had a chance to rest and am feeling a little better. It’s hard when you’re sick; it’s something that you can’t control, only maintain it’s symptoms. We all know ways to prevent getting ill, but sometimes it just cannot be avoided, and that is the honest truth.


Mom’s homemade soup in bed (I also had chicken noodle) 

One thing that always helps me, is the old fashion mama bringing you soup in bed. I have the best mom in the world (of course I’m bias, but it’s true). She has been so understanding and thoughtful just as she always is, but even a little more this week because her baby girl was ill. She treated me like a princess bringing me soup in bed, letting me sleep in, watch TV, keeping the rest of the house quiet…she’s just something else! I don’t always appreciate what my mom does for me as much as I should. She truly is a remarkable human being and I am blessed to have her in my life. (Thank you mami)

So next time you’re sick, remember that it is your body’s way of telling you to take a break! It’s ok to slow down for a bit. Our health is way more important than anything else we have to do. If we don’t take care of ourselves first and make our health the priority, than whatever it is that you are stressing or worrying about won’t be getting done anyhow if something terrible happens to you! I suggest you think about that next time you decide to put work or a major project or something that could wait just a little while longer, before your health. Let mom make it “one of those days” where she takes care of you just like when you were little child; go ahead and lie in bed all day, watch movies, and eat some good ‘ol soup. I promise it will make you fee just a little bit better.


#ThrowbackPic with the best mom in the world


4 thoughts on “Sneezy

  1. Yuqing Shen says:

    oh… I miss my mom~ Hope you feel better. Thank you for sharing your experience. It makes me recall my mother. We all need to be healthy so that our friends and family will not worry about us. Health is the most important thing of the life, so that we can be with our friends and family and we can keep doing what we like. Thank you for reminding us.

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    • V says:

      Aww, I hope you get to see your mom soon. I know how hard that must be. Health is very important and sometimes we take it for granted. I am glad I could help you recall good times with your mom and in your life. Life can be difficult at times, but we also can remember our health and the people that love us enough to want us to stay healthy always.
      Hope you’re enjoying your spring break!

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  2. Marian Miller says:

    Its funny you write this because I am currently sick. For spring break, my cousin came off his tour and had a few gigs in Miami. We were out every night Tues-Sunday. I started feeling it Sunday evening and by the time Monday came, I had a sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, coughing and back pain. I realized that I need to slow down and take care of myself before anything. I appreciate this post.

    SB: tell mom to slide some soup, lol


  3. Nely Pinado says:

    you’re right lack of sleep does actually add in to make the immune system low, so we’ve got make sure to get in sufficient hours of Z’s. Also, your mom’s a sweet heart! You’re very lucky to have her.

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